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"My children love attending Action Day"

Parent Reviews

Action Day Learning Center Reviews

I would like to thank Action Day for the past 10 years for nurturing and educating my three children. The Action Day staff are very caring, compassionate, attentive, and professional. My children love attending Action Day.

Our daughter has attended Action Day for 4 years and we absolutely love all the teachers. Our daughter always asks us up pick her up as close to the day ending as possible. She loves every one of the teachers. We definitely hit the jackpot with childcare.

ADLC has been the biggest blessing to our family. Our family has been with them since 2016 and we couldn't be more pleased! One thing that sticks out to me is the longevity of their staff, there is no turn-over which means their employees enjoy being there. Not only do we use them for after-school care, but the summer program is absolutely the best. They provide a summer experience when we as working parents can't. Our kids have made amazing memories and friends that are priceless.

Sally Zuniga

Action day learning center has been great for our son. He loves going [to the afterschool program] and getting to play with his friends and seeing his teachers. He loves being able to go when they don't have school as well. He really enjoys being there. We love that they help with homework as well. He does great having them help with homework and it's awesome because when he comes home we can focus on family time. Action day is really a great place for your kiddos!

KC Reynolds

I can't say enough good things about Action Day Learning Center. The teachers are absolutely wonderful. My child has gone there since she was 3 and has had the best experience. She loves each and every one of the teachers and looks forward to going each day. I love all the creative and fun things they have planned for the kids each day! Action Day is like no other! Best in Orangevale!

My son started at Action Day Learning Center when he was 3, went through the preschool/TK program, and now attends before and after school for their school age program. The preschool/TK program helped my son to excel in kindergarten in math and reading/writing. The teachers at Action Day provide a safe place for my child to learn and grow both socially and academically. We wouldn't trust anyone else with his care!

We absolutely LOVE Action Day!! We were referred by someone who worked at the school which was comforting to hear someone highly recommend it after working there. As a busy working mom I rely heavily on a dependable loving preschool for my daughter to be at. The teachers are all so caring and check in with me to ensure that they are mirroring things we are doing at home. My daughter enjoys share day, spirit days, and showing off how she can write her name all by herself! All the support along with their dedication to helping each child learn and grow is amazing. I highly recommend Action Day and am grateful for everyone there!

Lindsey Turnquist

Our daughter has thrived at Action Day Learning Center for the past two years. The dedicated staff facilitated a seamless transition from her previous daycare, introducing her to enriching extracurricular programs like Ninja Kids and Soccer Shots. As she prepares for kindergarten this fall, we appreciate how well Action Day has equipped her with essential skills. The nurturing environment not only encourages new friendships but also fosters creativity. We have confidence that Action Day will continue to provide excellent support for her before and after care as she progresses through elementary school. We wholeheartedly recommend Action Day Learning Center to our friends, family, and colleagues.

All the staff has been at the same facility for 10+years, says a lot about the care and dedication they have towards all the kids here. My kids love coming to Action Day! They are never in a rush to get home at the end of the day, they want to stay and play! That tells you something too. They both truly enjoy all the teachers, made long-lasting friendships, creative craft projects weekly, karaoke music days, and summer outings activities. We will all be sad when the kids outgrow Action Day.

The Adams

So many stressors with being a working parent and one of those is finding childcare you can trust! I know for me it was extremely hard to put my daughter in the care of someone I didn't know. When the time came we got many referrals for Action Day Learning Center and I am beyond thankful for those referrals. With my daughter being so sensitive, shy and timid in big environments, these ladies have helped my 4 year old come out of her shell more and build that confidence. I appreciate the love and sensitivity these beautiful ladies have shown my daughter and I am so thankful for each one of them.


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