Learning for

Pre- Kindergarten

Action Day Learning Center’s Pre-K program is designed for the four year old child who is preparing to enter kindergarten. Our children are active participants in a kindergarten readiness success-orientated program.

Take In

01. Math & Science

Our children will explore the nature of materials and form concepts in science. Your child’s curiosity will be stimulated through the investigation of “How does a ladybug crawl?” “Where does rain come from?” “Why do spiders spin webs?” Our children learn with exposure to magnets, prisms, magnets, magnifying glasses and more.

Make it

02. Art

Through art, your child gains control of hand muscles, which is a must for pre-writing and learns about shape, texture, form, and color, which are pre-math and science skills. In the Art Discovery Room, our Pre-K learners are provided with wonderful structured and unstructured opportunities every day. Engaging art experiences are focused on the power of self-expression.

Let’s Read

03. Reading

In the Reading Discovery Room, our Pre-K learners enjoy a multi-sensory program of visual, auditory, and kinesthetic activities that develop essential pre-reading skills. Early readers will become enthusiastic and inspired to learn new concepts through brightly colored pictures, humorous story lines, large bold text and familiar musical tunes.

Come Together

04. Circle Time

In the Circle Time Room, our pre-k learners come together for a positive, nurturing, enchanting whole group experience. Our children begin to work in partnership with peers in a cooperative, collaborate group to achieve a common goal. They learn in a variety of ways and this center is a prime time for developing a strong sense of personal worth.

Take 1

05. Dramatic Play

Escape to the land of make believe in our dramatic play center! Only here can you be a construction worker one minute and fighting dragons the next, then finish your day with a tea party in the castle. Our unique two room dramatic play center is complete with anything you can imagine, from puppets to dolls, dress up and pets, legos and blocks to action figures!

Go Time

06. Playground

Our large playground is especially designed for the active preschooler. Five large shaded yards give children the opportunity to run, jump, climb and swing. Gross motor skills and imagination are challenged when our children build castles in the sand and ride trikes in and around our play town.

Folsom Location

400 Stafford St. Folsom, CA 95630

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