Action Day Learning Center: Folsom, Orangevale
Early Learners - ADLC

Cognitive, Social Skills

Early Learners

Our Early Learners program is designed to create a safe and stimulating environment that will encourage learning, creativity, and exploration through their daily activities. We have singing, dancing, reading and we practice the calendar every day to learn the days of the week and months of the year.

Puzzles, blocks, cars and playhouse activities all nurture each child's cognitive development. Children will discover their uniqueness and talent in this stimulating play environment.


Scribbling with crayons, tearing paper, painting, rolling, pounding and cutting Playdough, these unstructured art experiences help your child learn how the mind and hands can work together to create.


Jumping, climbing, and running will improve coordination and build motor skills. Our playground equipment is designed so that children can safely explore their physical abilities.

Circle Time

In the Circle Time Room, our learners come together for a positive, nurturing, enchanting whole group experience. Our children begin to work in partnership with peers in a cooperative, collaborate group to achieve a common goal. They learn in a variety of ways and this center is a prime time for developing a strong sense of personal worth.

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